At Grove Family Care we help expecting parents and families with babies feel confident,

so early parenthood feels less overwhelming and everyone feels more at ease.

Two sons, twice the fun


Grove Family Care was founded by Rebecca Grove in 2018. Starting with postpartum home visits, and expanding to virtual visits and online and in person workshops and programs.

The journey to helping families postpartum started when Rebecca was pregnant with her son. She found a group of moms on line who were due the same month as she was. A researcher by nature, Rebecca would look up, and share information with the group. Rebecca also observed a lot of fear, and wanted to ease that, and build up her communities confidence. After exploring different options, Rebecca found a program to become a postpartum doula. It was perfect.

Rebecca has a goal of expanding Grove Family Care to include more than traditional postpartum in home support. This includes holistic nutrition services by Sarah Grove

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Our philosophy

Rebecca firmly believes that families should have everything they need to thrive, and that adding help to your family dynamics isn't a sign of weakness, but a sign you are looking to find the family strength again. That comes with being able to find balance, community and communication. Grove Family Care can help with that!

Making Postpartum Easier


Free consult.
As well as video or phone call,
or text support.

access tools

Although there isn't a manual, or rules set in stone on how to parent, we have some tools to help keep you on track

in home support

Sometimes doing things on your own is overwhelming.
Let us help you in home as well.

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